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A Recording Session to Remember

A Day to Remember

Entropik String Orchestra of One

Yesterday we put the finishing touches on a new track called A Day to Remember, and we’ll not forget the session in a hurry!

This track is uncharacteristically light-hearted and joyful for us… we tend to gravitate towards minor keys and Mahlerian pathos in our music. Every now and then it’s wonderful to break out of your mould and try something outside of your comfort zone. Of course we don’t think for a second that we came up with anything unique or ground-breaking here. We have one of our favourite bands to thank for the inspiration and are quite happy to describe this track as an Elbow sound-alike with an Entropik touch.

Recording, which took place on the 12th of August 2010 was an absolute blast. The most fun we’ve had in ages! We wanted a string orchestra that wasn’t made up of midi instruments. Cello obviously isn’t a problem, and is very much at the heart of the arrangement. We then decided to challenge my general string knowledge and put my double bass and violin which have otherwise been collecting dust to good use. 20 string parts later we had the sound we were looking for! The only missing instrument is viola, but I managed to mimic a viola sound in the higher register of one of my cellos. Yes, we used not one but two different cellos to get the subtly different timbres one would expect from a full string orchestra.

So without further ado we present to you: A Day to Remember – composed, performed and recorded by Entropik.

A Day to Remember