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Hello world!

I’m thankful to have been provided with a topic for this our very first official Entropik blog. Titles are not my strong point. I agonise over them,¬†over-think¬†them, try to be too clever with them and recently wrote an entire article winging about how damn hard they are to come up with. In a musical context of course, but it’s ultimately all the same. To be fair, the article isn’t’t just about the agony of choosing titles. It also bemoans the troublesome task of describing and applying search optimised keywords to library music. You can read all about it in the September issue of Sound on Sound.

But I digress.

So, Hello World… where do we go with this? You may or may not have heard of us, Entropik, the slightly eccentric married musical partnership from Leeds. If you haven’t, you’ll have gleaned that we are musicians and a little bit odd. If you did not, you’re clearly not paying attention and should probably go and make yourself a strong cup of coffee. What kind of musicians, you ask? Primarily we’re composers. We write for music libraries and films, we collaborate with other musicians around the world, and we occasionally compose and play purely for art’s sake. Given that we try to do this for a living, we don’t get much time or opportunity for the latter. On the other hand, considering the number of tracks we’ve composed which as yet are waiting for the sniff of a license in their respective library catalogues one might say that a far larger percentage of our work is for art’s sake. This is the dilemma of the freelance composer working speculatively and waiting for a nice lucrative ad campaign or big budget film to like one of your tracks enough to license it. As you’d expect, we play various instruments too. These include cello (which I also teach to unsuspecting victims), guitar, bass and piano. Cello features in quite a lot of our music too.

I’ll be adding to this blog from time to time. I’m not going to be too specific about frequency or content – I’ve made that mistake before and found myself suffering from performance anxiety. We’ll have none of that thank you. We just thought it would be nice to have the odd meander about things we like, things we hate and things we hope others will find interesting, amusing or utterly silly. In the meantime, do pay our website a visit. If you happen to be a close personal friend of Mr. Spielberg we’d appreciate you passing our details on to him along with a shining endorsement.

Until next time!

Mrs Entropik